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How to: Playlisting as an independent artist…

If you’re an aspiring or independent musician, getting your music on playlists is one of the most effective ways to reach a wider audience. It can help you generate more streams, build a larger fanbase, and increase your chances of gaining recognition.
The music industry has changed drastically in recent years and the traditional methods of getting your music noticed are no longer as effective as they once were. However, there are still plenty of ways to get your music on playlists, and they don’t require a major label or a big budget. Here’s how :

Research the Playlists You’re Targeting

Before you start submitting your music, it’s important to do some research. Take the time to find out which playlists are relevant to your genre and target audience. Look at the songs and playlists that are already featured and identify the types of music and styles that are popular. This will give you a better understanding of what you need to do to get your music on those playlists.

Reach Out to Curators

Once you’ve identified the playlists you’d like to be featured on, it’s time to reach out to the curators. You can find the contact information on the playlist page or on the curator’s social media accounts. Introduce yourself and your music and provide a link to your music or other methods of communication and let them know about your music.

Submit Your Music

Once you have the contact information of the curator, you can submit your music to them. Include a brief message about yourself and your music and provide a link

You can also submit your song to streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal to see if they’ll add it to their playlists. Make sure to include your best songs in the submission.

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Promote your song

You should also promote your song on your channels. Share it on social media, create videos, playlists and use hashtags to get people to listen to your


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