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Discovery Commuinty
Season 1


MisterKay & Egar Boi

Discovery commuinty

Discovery Community is a subdivision of the Bombshelter Playlists community designed to educate, produce, spotlight, and support diverse tasteful music and visuals for emerging indie artists with special focus on inclusion.


P R O D U C E R | S I N G E R | S O N G W R I T E R

Ernest Ogaga Itiveh, professionally known as Egar Boi is a Lagos-based singer, songwriter, audio producer, and sound engineer. Born into a family fully dedicated to religion, Egar Boi started music at an early age of 11 as a very important member of the church choir, playing different musical instruments such as the keyboard, drums and metamorphosed into recording music and producing several top-charting records.

He started off solely as an artist solely based in singing/songwriting, he then went on to acquire production skills and ventured into music production/sound engineering. As a singer, Egar Boi is known for his phenomenal vocal skills and his genius art of infusing afrobeat into any other genre he works on both as a producer and an artiste.


S I N G E R | S O N G W R I T E R | P E R F O R M E R

Adekite Alalade popularly known as MisterKay is an Alternative Soul artiste, songwriter, and performer. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, MisterKay fully developed his musical interest in secondary school when he learnt how to play the guitar and keyboard for general assembly and at talent shows. Taking further interest in music, MisterKay started writing songs and later became a rapper as a teenager. Growing up and changing genres, he began singing mid-tempo and highly emotive soulful music.

As a first-year student in 2015 at Zenith University, Accra where he graduated with a Bsc. in Human Resource Management, MisterKay came through with his first EP titled “Rise to Fame”. He has since then released three more EPs (“Underage”, “House of Eclipse” in 2020, and the most recent "Lust And Emotions", a collaborative effort with his frequent collaborator Victor Collins) and a handful of notable singles such as “Comply”, his “Fucking Tired” freestyle dedicated to the #EndSARS protests and “Pressure”.

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