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Frequently Asked Questions

At Bombshelter Distribution, we're dedicated to amplifying your sound, one note at a time.

Music distribution is the process of getting your music into online and physical stores, streaming platforms, and other distribution channels. It allows artists to make their music available to a wide audience.

We offer distribution to major streaming platforms and digital music stores, ensuring your music is available worldwide. We also provide services such as metadata optimization, UPC/EAN codes, and royalty collection.

We handle the process for you. Simply sign up with our service, upload your music, and we'll distribute it to these platforms on your behalf.

Artist development is a set of strategies and services that help artists grow and advance in their careers. This can include branding, image consulting, marketing, and training to enhance an artist's skills.

Yes, we offer artist development services to help artists refine their image, sound, and brand, and to create a plan for their career growth.

We help you collect royalties from streaming platforms and digital sales and ensure they are paid to you through a transparent and reliable process.

A music distributor helps you get your music onto various platforms, while a record label typically provides more extensive services, including financial support, marketing, and artistic development.

Yes, we can assist with physical distribution if that's part of your music release strategy.

Label services encompass a range of offerings, including marketing and promotion, A&R (Artist & Repertoire), copyright administration, and support in areas like tour management and music video production.

While we can't guarantee signing with a label, we can certainly assist with preparing your music and image for label consideration.

The time it takes can vary, but it typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the platform and the completeness of your submission.

Our pricing varies depending on the package and services you choose. We offer both one-time payment and subscription options.

It depends on the platform and copyright regulations. We can provide guidance on this based on your specific situation.

Yes, we offer marketing and promotion services to help artists increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Absolutely, we work with artists at all levels and offer a range of packages to suit different budgets.


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