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Unlocking Your Music Potential with our services

Boost your music career with Bombshelter's dynamic services. From seamless music distribution to expert artist and label support, we provide legal and commercial consulting to help you thrive in the industry. Dive into endless opportunities with Bombshelter today.

Let's Amplify Your Sound

Your music deserves to be heard. Your journey deserves to be supported. Your vision deserves to be realized. At Bombshelter Distribution, we're dedicated to amplifying your sound, one note at a time.

Supporting Emerging Talent

Empowering Independent Labels

Curating Exceptional Music

Artist & Label Development

Are you a rising independent musician looking to align with a boutique yet globally reaching label that facilitates your end-to-end needs? From music production and mastering to distribution, marketing and promotion, and publishing and licensing deals, whilst giving you the freedom and flexibility to remain in total creative control of your music IP?

Then Bombshelter Distribution is the right place for you. We offer full in-house label services to a select portfolio of artists based in Africa, North America and Europe who align with our creative vision of uplifting and developing artists, whilst remaining niche and agile at every level. This means that resources and attention is laser-focused to where it's needed most - building your musical career.

If you’re the right fit for our artist roster, speak to us about our label deal structure and terms.

Artist & Label

You’re a signed artist, a self-distributing DIY indie, or a record label looking to outsource your strategy, pitching, marketing, and promotional needs to an industry expert with decades of combined experience? Then you have come to the right place. Bombshelter Digital’s turnkey in-house Artist & Label Services arm is here to support you with your frontline and catalog release repertoire promotion, whether you are distributed through us or not. Our services include:

Legal & Commercial Consulting

Not all legal experts are versed in the complexities of the music industry. Thankfully, our in-house counsel is. If you need expert and independent advice in reviewing a contract before you sign on the dotted line, if you are looking to exit a current contract, or if you need specialist support in negotiating a commercial agreement, our specialist music industry legal counsel is on board to prefer expert advice and negotiation power, making sure that your interests are protected.

Speak to us about booking an appointment with our in-house music industry law expert.

Education & Masterclasses

The Bombshelter Digital Team is comprised of a team of highly skilled and specialized professionals whose expertise runs the gamut of the music industry, including business development, law, technology, DSP editorial and marketing partnerships, marketing strategy, content creation, indie career development and brand partnerships.

Whether you are just starting out with your music career, or you’re a seasoned expert looking to deepen your knowledge and expertise, or provide training to your artist roster, we allow you the opportunity to book a Masterclass session with one of our experts and select the course of your choosing.

Oluwaseyi Ladele

Director: Bombshelter Digital Services

Adeyemi Adetunji

Director Ademeje Solicitors

Larissa Fainberg

Digital Marketing Strategist Professional

Join the Bombshelter Digital Community in shaping the future of music.

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