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Independent Musicians

Digital Marketing for Independent Musicians: Succeeding on Spotify and More

Independent musicians are working harder than ever to stand out in the vast digital music landscape. With millions of tracks available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others, the big question is: How can you make your music heard in this crowded space?

Well, let’s be real – playlists have become the go-to solution. Many Spotify users spend half their time listening to playlists, whether they’ve made them, the algorithms have generated them, or they’ve been put together by music enthusiasts. Getting your song on a playlist with a sizeable following can be a game-changer.

Playlist pitching is a key aspect of Bombshelter Digital’s services. We’ve nurtured strong ties with curators and DSPs to enhance our capabilities. Our smart pitching strategy helps you stand out and cut through the noise. 

To truly cover playlist pitching, having a solid marketing strategy in place is vital. This is because a well-thought-out marketing plan is essential when pitching to DSPs. It not only increases your chances of being noticed but also ensures your music reaches the right audience.

Securing a spot on curated playlists isn’t a guaranteed thing, but here are some tips from our team that have helped others get there:

Focus on Social Media

Pay attention to your presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – it matters to the folks at DSPs and those who curate playlists. Your social media engagement is like a window into your fanbase, both online and offline. Keep in mind, what’s considered impressive can vary.

For instance, getting 200 likes on a post might not seem like a big deal, but if you only have 400 followers, that’s definitely something worth celebrating!

Connect with Blogs and Magazines 

Getting featured on a reputable blog or in a publication is a big vote of confidence that can do wonders for you and your music. Articles, reviews, and interviews can boost your visibility and get your music in front of more ears, especially since they often link to the songs you’re promoting.

Press coverage can drive folks to check out your social media and streaming profiles, and if they like what they hear, they might add your music to their playlists. Plus, making a good impression with one writer could lead to more press opportunities and even more exposure down the road. 

Just remember, doing your homework and reaching out respectfully matters – not every blog is a perfect match, and every writer has their unique taste. Keep it personal and find your fit!

Boost Your Streaming Profiles

Make sure your streaming profiles are always fresh with the latest updates. Share info about your new songs, upcoming shows, or anything exciting. The important thing is to stay active and show that your music is alive and kicking. 

We encourage you to curate your own playlists, it’s effective! By curating your playlists, you’re telling the DSPs that you’re actively creating content on their platforms. It also gives your fans (and you!) something awesome to share whenever you drop new songs or projects.

Craft a Great Pitch

When you’re pitching your song for a playlist, share all the necessary info. Talk about your song’s story and vision – what makes it interesting?

Next, explain your marketing plan clearly. Mention your past streaming numbers, social media stats, and how you’ll promote your music.

Be sure to describe your music accurately, like its mood and genre. This helps editors know where your song fits.

The bottom line: Your music needs to be great and loved by listeners. That’s the most important thing. If people are already loving your songs, it’s easier to get noticed. For more in-depth guidance on playlist pitching, check out our complete guide.

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