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Wavy the Creator and Wurld birth Harmonies

Inter-planetary galactic Artist, Wavy The Creator, injects the musical scene with a new tune that transcends planes, waves, and dimensions. This single features the unequivocally captivating vocals of Wurld.

Harmonies peaks the interest of listeners from the jump, it starts off with an intro that transports you from one plane to another. The verses draw you in like a space jump but in this case, a music jump and you find yourself in a pool of euphoric symphonies and melodies mashed up in one to deliver a masterpiece of sound. The production, mastering, backups, and melodies all interconnected at the perfect confluence. It’s an ideal body of work and it’s a Harmony for all.

If you have that person that makes you go “Aw yeah”, you definitely should run this up.

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