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Wavelink lays it bare on “Love Language”

Charles Onwunali, known as Wavelink, is a recent addition to the music community.  Born in the United States of America, Wavelink has always found himself in a striking love affair with music. He started playing the drums at church from the age of 5 and would always rap to himself and dance in school events with a formed group.
On his journey with music, faced certain challenges. But as “energy and persistence conquer all things”, he was able to overcome them.

“When I started recording, I had some problems with breath control but I learned how to control it with some exercises and record on my phone to catch a vibe. I went to a music school but I left after which I got some tips that helped me to understand music theory, the rest I learn from my peers”.

Wavelink wants a mutual and connective relationship between him and his audience. He makes music with the intent of communicating with the mind of his listener on a very relatable ground. . “Relatable. I want to make music that people can relate to on a daily basis, motivates and teaches people”. Wavelink has recently released his first single titled “love language” which as the name implies, speaks about the love language of a woman. He doesn’t intend to stop at this as he has a whole lot more of his art to bless the world with.

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