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Water and Garri: A Combination We Crave.

Nigeria’s ray of melodic sunshine, Tiwa Savage gifts the musical scene with a forever EP. Water and Garri is a body of work that was unexpected based on its features, melodies, and compilation but it has a way of sneaking into your soul and trapping you.

If you’re a Nigerian, you would be conversant with the idea of water and Garri. With the numerous proverbs related to it and the love/necessity it has in our society, this combination has been engraved in our society and it’s one of those things that can never be forgotten. Likewise this album, it’s a body of work that transcends your basic expectations to peak your attention and reimburse your deepest thoughts and imaginations.

Tiwa Savage has exceeded all expectations with this body of work, from her choice of features to the melodies, delivery, and production. It’s an evergreen catalog of sound and it will be injected into our souls as we listen nonstop.

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