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Victony brings Endless Vibes & Melodies from Saturn

Vict0ny as he is most widely known as, is a Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter from the notorious Mainland Block Party who went on to release his EP titled SATURN that confirmed his switch from rap to heartwarming singing.

The first track on the EP ‘more’ starts off with refreshing adlibs, non-earthly harmonizing, lyrics specifically suited for his vocals and the energy it deserves. It captivates you right from the jump and puts you in a loop of perfectly tailored sound. It sends you to a dimension of feels and activates your ‘Maria’ peaked with that high pitch, steady peaking beat with undertones of empty cups being hit perfectly and accompanied by drums in accurate synchronization. The rap by Falz was the ideal fit and complemented the entire song adequately. The third song is for all the people going through it. Everyone facing challenges and just wants to stay in their comfort zones alone. It was a faultless expression of words, with an accurate beat and undoubtedly captivating lyrics. We all need our space and time and Vict0ny just helped us express ourselves. The other songs are definitely worth your time and the entire project is one for the times. Take some time off, plug-in, and connect.

I believe Vict0ny is definitely one to watch. He has put out a project worthy of our time and definitely deserves to be followed up. His new sound is a monumental discovery for his listeners and music as a whole.

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