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Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Valentine

So it is another Valentine’s Day and you have no lover or any concrete plans for the day, well you’re in luck! We have put together some unconventional ways you can choose to spend your day. For starters, the season of Valentine can also be about showing love to everyone, not necessarily a romantic lover. Here are 4 unique ways you can show love and celebrate love this Valentine week: 

Show love to the most important person in your life: YOU!

You can choose to spend your day showering yourself with love in various ways such as taking yourself out for a nice shopping spree, taking a spa day, smashing your workout session, taking a day off to rest and relax, and more. 

Show love to those around you: Family, friends & neighbours

When was the last time you did a kind gesture for the people around you? You can pick up a box of pizza on your way home or send a special gift to a friend who has been through it with you. A kind gesture to someone you love is one of the best ways to celebrate love.

Show love to the people you work with

Work relationships, though not often as intimate as other relationships, still require a display of love and appreciation. You can decide to pick up flowers or a small gift for the people you work with today, and celebrate the special love shared in your little organization. 

Show love to a stranger

What better way to celebrate love than to bless someone in need, or better still – someone you don’t even know. As illustrated by the picture above, nothing is too small to gift someone who might have never expected it. Considering the global recession, it really is the thought that counts. 

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