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Toje returns with a new capsule, ‘stay w/ me’

Toje releases a two-song capsule titled “Stay With Me.” He leverages the first track, “You,” to express his love and emotions as well as reassurance as long as he continues to receive the very same energy. This is a vocally satisfying cupid song with an engaging syncopation. 

The second song, “Only,” focuses on waiting on God’s time and perseverance. He uses this song to communicate his desire to perform at multiple shows and also have people sing along to his songs word for word. Stay With Me is simple and direct, and also pleasant to listen to. Both songs are also exceptionally relatable because everyone desires true love and a career breakthrough. Toje encourages everyone listening to be patient and await all the good music set to come from his end. He implores you not to give up on him because this is only the beginning.

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