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Tips for Getting into a Fitness Routine

At the beginning of the year, we normally tend to make fitness resolutions. As days turn to months we find it is easier making these resolutions than keeping to them as confidence and motivation is lost.

Let’s be honest, getting into a fitness routine and sticking to it is not easy and as a beginner, you need to know this. We often tend to find excuses for ourselves to take a step back. The biggest excuse you may tell yourself is that “ I do not have time or life happened”. The biggest battle remains in our heads. 

Making that progress and putting in the hard hours is always rewarding in the long run. So what if we pushed? How would it be? What would the transformation look like? Here we would share tips used to help get into a fitness routine and stick to it through the loss of motivation, confidence and feelings of being overwhelmed. 

Focus on having a plan

A big mistake to make is going into the gym or your workout space without a set group of exercises you want to try. Here winging it does not cut it. You do not want to be going through your phone or your head looking for exercises to try. It wastes time, you’ll keep doing different workouts every time, it does not help you build consistency or confidence. 

Be Repetitive, It develops Consistency 

You not only want to have a plan, you want to repeat that plan for a number of weeks. It helps you measure your progress from when you first started, improvement is good for confidence. Confidence is good for consistency. It helps you get better at the certain movements you are practicing. 

Get to your workout

This one is important, especially in public spaces. Those who train in private at home usually have problems starting the workout and need extra motivation. One piece of advice, just do it! Those in public spaces have difficulties getting to the gym for instance, one piece of advice, just get there because once you get there it would be a waste of time if you don’t exercise. It’s an investment in your body to just do it or just get there. So try not to let yourself down 

Be Patient, Be Realistic, Be Certain 

It is easy to go into a routine and in all the excitement you forget to be realistic and patient with your goals. Exercise is a lifestyle, you should be in it for the long haul. The body needs it to be strong, to age well, to be healthy. Be certain about this because it is the only way to achieve consistent results. That certainty brings calm, you need to be calm to be patient, you need to be patient to be realistic. 

All or Nothing Mentality 

This mindset needs to be left alone. Oftentimes we try to do all we need to do and go hard as much as possible. This is not always possible. It can bring disappointment, discouragement

We need to be patient always to keep going. It is easier when you’re realistic and go step by step. 

Visualise your goals, Celebrate little wins

For direction it is important we have goals and targets, think about them, and set them. Set long term goals like you want to lose x amount of weight, you want to run x amount of miles at a go, you want to lift x amount of weight someday, you want to look like a supermodel someday or maybe you just want to lean out or add more tone to your physique. Set short term goals that take you closer to your long term goal, like you want to go to exercise 3 days a week at least, you want to stronger than when your started at the end of the month. Set your goals They define your journey and give purpose. Most importantly celebrate all your short term achievements like you won the lottery. The journey is long, bask in your small wins. They keep you motivated. 

Choose Your Words carefully 

If our words can be motivational, they can equally demotivate. It is important to not say phrases like “I can’t”, “it is uncomfortable ”, and “it is hard”. Truth is it is tough but let’s motivate ourselves. Replace “I can’t” with “one day I will”, “I can”, and “today I will try”. “ Uncomfortable “ with “intense”. These words carry a more mind-motivating self. You acknowledge the difficulties but at the same time tell yourself you can conquer this.  Embrace the I CAN DO THIS mentality. 

Start easy, work your way up. 

For a beginner I believe this is the most important advice. Be kind to yourself, start easy, and take it one step at a time. Work on improving day by day. Do not try to go from ground zero to level 100 on the first attempt. Remember your first intensity will not be your second intensity. So always try to start slow and work your way up. Do not compare yourself to the strongest or quickest athlete around you. Compare yourself to yourself. 

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