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The Return of a Queen!

It’s 2013 and I’m just a scruffy, somewhat nerdy teenager who sneaks to watch Gossip Girl on my cousin’s laptop amongst other shows I was “too young” to watch. For some reason, I decided to check his music out and I stumble on Lorde. I literally felt my insides melt when I put on Royals, like yeah she gets it. Couldn’t hear most of the lyrics but yeah I felt her. I took sometime to ingest her album and she got herself a loyal (not so royal) fan instantly.

Years later in 2017, Lorde puts out her second studio album and all her fans go crazy again. This project portrayed a much more developed, grown and updated version of the artist. Her message, insanely serene but refreshingly provocative vocals still hits hard and every song made us fall in love like the teenagers we once were. It was bliss and it definitely, most definitely was worth the wait.

The hush-hush clandestine superstar went off the grid in 2018 leaving her fans starved and forever wanting. She pops up again in 2021 with a new single and a statement of a new album and the internet went crazy( well, the part of the internet that has proper ears). The single hit home without a doubt and is already keeping listeners on their toes for the upcoming album.

You should run her albums up cause no cap, she’s a solar power!!

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