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The American Teen that stole our ears.

We have all discovered beautiful music unintentionally. It always comes as a storm and literally invades your entire being. Khalid’s debut album had this effect on a sizable part of the populace. Apparently deep down we are all “American teens”.

The artist has climbed up the ladder since his debut with features and releases that have stolen our ears while being engraved in our hearts. His feature on Logic’s song is one that will forever be starred in our archives. His voice screams tranquility, serenity, and inflection. The melodies captivate your soul and you literally get submerged into his world. Khalid’s music is Food for the soul, warmth for your heart, poise for the ears, and an outlet for our lips.

Take a walk, connect your headphones, shut the world out and listen to Khalid’s music today.

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