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Summer, Palm Wine, and SDC.

Most music lovers grew up with this idea of rap always being a hardcore, brazen, and larger lout. It began as a way for black individuals to express themselves through rhymes, vibes, and to be honest pent-up emotions, which led to rap battles and swagger. When I listened to SDC, I had a totally different view of rap. It doesn’t have to be all virile. It’s meant to be expressive in any form that fits the artist, so rhyme if you want to, pun your way through your verse, or go all boastful if that works for you but just have fun.

The songs this duo put out always have this glimmer of excitement in every track, followed by down-to-earth laid-back beats that engross your senses with the perfect epitome of vocals and hooks for the features. If you actually listen to both of them, you’d perceive the intelligence in every line they spit. The rhymes, punchlines, puns, and connecting bars can make you flip or in some cases make your brain freeze. It’s literally conjunction of music mega minds and it blooms in every project set out. Each project also plays out as a story of its own and the duo definitely knows how to pen them down.

The release of the first song of Clone wars 5 already puts their devoted listeners on their toes. The features are glittering and expectations are beyond astronomical heights at this point. Especially after listening to the first single. Rise of the underdogs but what our ears tuned into sounds like the work of literal gods. Tomi Thomas is definitely making some upcoming artists rethink patois as the only path for them after that hook.

It’s summertime and there’s no better way to ride this wave than with some new, unheard, and refreshed SDC. So tune in and click your heels together while we all await this masterpiece. Don’t forget to get some palm wine too.

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