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Orisa: MoJo Reincarnated as a Rhythmic Lyrical Genius

Whenever you hear the tag Orisa on a song you know it’s about to get lit. The rhythmic-lyrical genius known as Mojo has found ways to balance his Rhythm and lyrics whilst switching from Yoruba to English intermittently without losing the attention of the listeners and still passing a conscious message across.

The Nigerian-based Hip hop sensation is known for his spasmodic releases and features including his undying love for Orisa and shawarma. From observation, the artist seems to be big on family hence why he belongs to one and they keep on hopping on each other’s releases which have promoted their fan base on astronomical levels. Releases like CLC, Shawarma, and Isolate really put his fan base on a rapid increase. His sound is something to reckon with and his flows always get your head bumping, though a large part of his fan base has no idea what he is saying. The energy, emotions, and vibes literally transcend to your pores every time he goes on, it’s almost spiritual considering most times these listeners have no idea what he is saying.

Get you a translator next time you listen to Mojo, it’ll baffle you how intelligent he is with his lines.

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