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Built ForIndependentArtists.

Bombshelter Digital is the indie musician’s best business partner.

We offer a complete suite of services to help you succeed in the music industry.

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Bombshelter’s way of staying true to Independent Artists?

How does it work?

A successful music career is rarely a solo effort – great partners can make all the difference.  Bombshelter believes that artists should have as much flexibility as possible to choose partners that are right for them.

Bombshelter was built with the idea of delivering modularized label services  for Indie artists, We are a service driven, Distribution/Publishing Company that caters to the development of niche independent creative artists With her in-house “Bombshelter Direct Advance” (BDA) program set up for eligible Indie creatives who want creative freedom, and an extensive global reach.  We ensure that your music and content reaches its intended audience with our pool of music Industry partners and a large network of colleagues, Bombshelter has the ability to elevate your brand and music career to greater heights.


  • You must have 2 months of continuous earnings totalling at least $1000.
  • You’ll never be asked to pay back more than you can afford, your advance amounts will be based on your past earnings.
  • Qualification for an advance is based on sales history and projected sales from your digital distribution through Bombshelter Entertainment.

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Bombshelter Offers

Music Licensing & Consultancy

With Bombshelter’s vast knowledge on Music business, strategic team sessions and bespoke rollout plans, We don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach at Bombshelter because we recognize that the music industry isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind. Artist have diverse ambitions, brand value and needs such as:

  • Digital Asset management & Administration.
  • Artist Repertoire and Scouting  services.
  • Pre/Post Production Collaboration sourcing.
  • Sync Deal Supervision
  • Artist tour and appearances  Administrations.

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Music Marketing

We offer unique, tailor-made rollout plans and promotion solutions that yield effective results : Just as Playlists are key when dealing with release strategy.
In addition to streams, being playlisted it can as well bring much added value, such as fan engagement and algorithmic optimization.

Outside of DSPs, it is crucial to build your brand and work on your storytelling cause Playlists remain the appetizer for potential fans to become part of your established fan base.  

Rollout/Release Management

Influential Marketing

Online Presence and Content creation.

TV and Radio Promotions

DSP Editorial and Independent curators Pitch deck.

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Music Distribution

International musicians, like every other artist, genre, and region have diverse ambitions and needs. If you’ve got great content and just need some funding to make the magic happen, let’s connect. You can get the entire Bombshelter experience, capital to fund advances and leverage our powerful data science tools for best results.

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Brand Mgt. & Image 

With over 20 years of expertise working with artists, we can assist you in developing the ideal brand. We’ll assist you with nailing the look, branding, and connecting with top industry professionals.

Artist branding and A&R are the foundations of a successful career in the music industry. It’s time to advance!

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legal services

Legal Services

At Bombshelter Digital, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services to artists and musicians. Our team of experienced attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by independent musicians and are dedicated to helping them navigate the legal landscape.

Some of the services we offer to independent musicians include:

Contract review and negotiation for recording, publishing, touring, and merchandise agreements

Copyright registration and infringement defense

Trademark registration and protection

Royalty audits and dispute resolution

Legal advice on music-related tax and financial issues

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