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NISSI NATION; Nissi is definitely here to stay

Nissi Ogulu is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. She is currently signed to Spaceship records and goes by the name Nissi. My first listen of her sound was on symbiosis by Ajebo hustlers. She was the perfect cohesion to the duo’s dynamic refreshing sound. Shortly after refreshingly being engulfed by her soulful euphonious voice, I had to search for her other projects. I got sucked in by her singles like trouble, over here and move. Her album stuck the most and literally was my bathtub album for a while.

‘IGNITE’ as the name implies, was an unquenchable torch of unforgettable sounds beautifully mixed together and emitted perfectly for the listeners. It is an album that has sounds we’ve never heard before but undertones of greatness we have perceived from legends past. Trouble had an upbeat tempo and vibe but a calm relaxed atmosphere of vocals with lyrics that drag your attention while you sing along passionately. I wouldn’t want the girls to organize for me though. I think JUDI is probably my favorite on this project. From the first beat, I already felt my hips making some unusual shifts. Immediately her voice hit, I heard what my body needed. It’s the song you can dance to awkwardly and still not get wrong. ‘Holiday’ is like an alarm to my brain. It’s like motivation to my soul that I just have to live life to its fullest. The lyrics, sound, beat and its entirety puts me in an immense state of motivation. I mean we all deserve to live life like it’s a holiday. ‘Ignite, Notice, Babalawo, and Tornado’ were all worthwhile listens. This project shows the range of Nissi and it literally casts attention on her undoubtedly obvious talent and prospects.

I have to commend her perfect execution when blending Yoruba, English, and pidgin. It’s a skill known to many but mastered by the elite. I know she hasn’t put out much but it’s obvious to every listener she’s a gem to keep up with.

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