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MIL Deluxe: Big Wiz Dominates Globally.

International superstar Big Wiz dominates on several charts with the release of his follow-up album Made in Lagos deluxe. This project includes four new singles that have won the hearts of listeners and ignited the flame the original album erupted when released in November 2020.

After a few months of dominance and steady ascension on numerous charts across the globe with essence paving the path for the entire album, Nigerian Afro-beat legend Wizkid shocks the world with a remix featuring international pop-star Justin Bieber. This unexpected collaboration rekindled the attention of music lovers across the globe to tune into MIL again and for new listeners, it was a revelation to the artist’s model body of work.

The other songs on this refurbished album include Anoti, Steady, and Big mood featuring fast-rising artist BUJU. With these four songs, Wizkid has gotten the original project and the deluxe version on repeat with listeners hooked to his sound and craving even more as seen with his recent sellout of the O2 arena within twelve minutes.

Big Wiz has gotten all of us in a Big Mood but it’s essential we move steady as “we go dey dey dey” grind to his tunes.

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