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LV ‘N’ ATTN Getting all the Attention

I know it’s summer but everywhere seems hotter than it should be even with all the rain and there’s no one else to blame other than Lojay and Sarz cause dammmmm this project is fire!!!!!!!!!!

I’m an insomniac so I’m basically all over my social media apps at night and some nights ago I took a break from Twitter to go play around on IG, only for me to return and see LV N ATTN trending. As expected I had to connect and hear for myself and damn. This EP is just another clear proof of how clear Afrobeats is a genre with renowned depth that can perforate even into a deaf being and they would feel it somehow. The choice of melodies, lyrics, and delivery fused on some generic level with the beat. It’s almost like the pair pre-conceived this project ahead of its time to last for the times. It’s an astonishing body of work and it deserves every hype it’s getting out there.

Do yourself a huge Favour and connect to this then maybe you can get some of that heat in your life alongside some warmth with all the rain.

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