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Leaders of the New School: Fave SZN

Chidozie Godsfavour Ugochinyere popularly known as Fave is a Nigerian songwriter and singer. She made a name for herself on Twitter first by putting up videos and snippets that caught the attention of tweeps and Nigeria. She has only been active for about a year but she has already put out a decent number of solo projects and worthwhile features. Her preferred genre is R&B, Pop, soul and a dabble of dancehall.

M.O.M.M.S (me or mask my sins) was the first single she put out. Her particular vocals and delivery on the Chimy but nerve soothing beat had listeners trapped in a trance. We are humans and are imperfect but we want just one person to love us entirely with those faults and Fave put that out with this track flawlessly. The artist put out another single titled Dal. I think it was the hook for me on this. She literally balanced perfectly on the beat and just went on with rhymes and a flow that rings non-stop in your head. N.B.U was the hit she needed. It was the glue, spark, and breakthrough of the artist’s phenomenal talent. It tells a story of a devoted lover speaking to her supposed lover. The beat, content, delivery, and unique vocals were all put together perfectly.

So far, Fave has had noteworthy features like the Confluence project, Dimeji, and Skeelz. It’s still a pretty new journey for the young artist but she definitely shows signs of a superstar and her music definitely connects with the hearts of her listeners and fans. We hope she puts out an Ep or album soon cause more of Fave wouldn’t hurt at all plus I’m pretty sure she’s somebody’s Favorite.

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