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Keziah Mallam addresses traitors on “Munafiki”

Ethereal singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer Keziah Mallam has begun to birth a new sound which she calls Audio Therapy. Since making the key decision to become a full-time artist in 2020 and 4 releases, 1 being a major feature for the start of her music career, Keziah Mallam has reiterated the beauty in fluidity. The Audio Therapist, as she likes to call herself, plays with ethereal soulful harmonies marrying her soft, sweet R&B-inspired vocals with hypnotic funk-like basslines and enchanting percussion all coming together to give a spiritual atmospheric feel. 

After the positive reception of her latest single Falling Through, Keziah has seen growth in her fanbase and listeners which has acted as an additional catalyst in her self-discovery journey. As she continues to merge sounds from her British-Nigerian upbringing, inspired by Alté, Soul, and R&B vibes as well as artists like D’Angelo and Cleo Sol, Keziah aims to spread her movement of Audio Therapy encouraging healing and self-elevation through the creation of “Sounds of the Spirit.”

On her journey to make a statement with her unique sound (‘audio therapy’ as she loves to call it), and following the successful release of her previous single ‘Falling Through’, Keziah Mallam shows a more daring side to her as she speaks of her ability to pattern up troublemakers and traitors on her new single ‘Munafiki’ rightfully named in her local dialect (Hausa) with dark and strong vocals commanding the space with power. She basically uses her various flows, pidgin, and light harmonies to articulate the fact that if you think you’re bad, she’s ‘badder’. Munafiki which means traitor or troublemaker in Hausa is infused with powerful horns, percussions, and a dark bassline to give the energy needed for the song

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