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Jameson & Mainland Block Party Presents; The Confluence Project

I haven’t been to any mainland block party or the likes but I have heard a decent number of reviews about them. The aesthetics, stage setting, line ups, and most importantly the music. The confluence project is a perfect example of the distinguished music taste of the group. It features old and new music, contrasting genres that they somehow managed to balance perfectly, exceptional artists, talented lyricists, and particular vocals you would never forget.

It starts off with a mash-up of some sort of Alpha-P’s Paloma and Buju’s mind games. The artists jumped off each other in perfect succession and synchronization. The first track of the project definitely captivated my attention. Then Boj and Fave came with a symphony of Boj’s Memorable and unforgettable hooks coupled with Fave’s particular vocals to deliver two songs that the listeners can’t get enough of.

Naeto-C and Joeboy’s combination was definitely a surprise. How the producer and whoever was behind this idea that thought of putting 5&6 together with My Baby is definitely a mystery beyond me. I still can’t get over the nostalgia with hearing 5&6 followed by constantly hearing My Baby behind it. It was beautiful to vibe along. Apparently, Fuji and rap can go perfectly together. I know, I’m shocked too but after listening to Ladipoe and Terry Apala bounce off each other on those tracks, I think I’d have to update my library cause Fuji is a vibe.

This project is just perfect proof of how synergy really goes farther than most anticipate. If you think a project is perfect alone then put it together with the right people and work ethics then watch it bloom to become even greater.

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