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He Took a Pill in Ibadan

There’s a decent amount of discord amongst artists and listeners concerning covers and if the covers are better than the original. In some cases it just might be true or both entries might just be on par. I stumbled across a cover by Tega Ethan on Instagram and less than 20 seconds in, I got snared. Minutes later, post-scouring his page, I’m on Apple Music searching for all his music.

I never thought a Nigerian Artist would make me nostalgic country music-wise. Listening to When The World Ends lighted up the road trip with my friends feeling. In an open roof car, while looking at the sun glaring down our eyes, but still hitting us at the right spots to make us look so good that we don’t care if it hurts, because the music is breathtaking and we can feel the universe moving in cosmic shifts to make us happy beyond our wildest dreams. It felt like peace.

The artist’s EP was a whole rollercoaster of emotions with each song igniting a sporadic chain reaction of feels. At some point, it felt like home listening to it. His vocals scream into your soul, though they are tranquil and insanely pleasing to the ears. The backups and melodies fortify his message and his choice of features are elite. He also spoke to the Average Nigerian on Gossip, with the message ringing clear to anyone that bothered to listen. Fuego was more upbeat and gave the “dancing at the beach” vibe. Ethan displayed a bit of versatility with these tracks and gave his listeners something to Fuego to while soaking in the entire EP.

Some people say, it takes the first few seconds to know if you would like a song and maybe they are right. So why don’t you give this artist a few seconds of your time and see if he is worthy of your ears?

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