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FALZ: The bop daddy with yet another bop

Falz - Mercy (Produced by Sess) | Mp3 « NotJustOk

Distinguished rapper, songwriter, and actor, mostly known as Falz returns back with a BOP. The artist invokes the ears of his fans and listeners by delivering a single with rhymes, drums, and bounce.

Mercy speaks about the woman that has your mind on lock, your eyes always on sight, and your pocket ready to empty just for her. It makes you relive a moment of time when your entire being is fixated on another and if you haven’t experienced this, your mind actually begins to wonder. This body of art reimburses your jig and inspires your groove as your joints leap in accordance with the song.

“Oh, Lord have mercy” It replays in my mind and I just can’t help it. Put it on and groove along.

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