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Eclipse: Oxlade Outshines The Sun

It’s been quite an elevating year for singer, songwriter, and Artist Oxlade, with features and singles hitting the charts non-stop. He decides to crown off this wonderful year with a release of an EP titled Eclipse alongside Producer Coublon.

Eclipse is a body of work that blocks out ones external concerns, problems, and issues while it lets you just be in the moment completely to listen and inject the message. Each track is a story of its own.

More speaks of a man in love and craving all of this significant other. Ojuju is a cry out to the world highlighting the fears of love and heartbreak. “Pay Me” is a man convinced love is it and nothing else beats this love cause like they say “ love conquers all”.

In all, this project incites introspection especially on the issue of love. It’s Afro-Soul laced with musical crack and it sticks.

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