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Ebisan: For Love, For Freedom

Bukola Ebisan Damola, simply known as ‘Ebisan’ is asinger, composer, and songwriter. She renders beautiful, heartfelt, and soulful songs on her 6 track EP,’ FOR LOVE, FOR FREEDOM’. Ebisan takes us on a journey with her soothing voice and melodies. The project begins with a subtle ‘So BEAUTIFUL’grabbing the listener’s attention, followed by ‘STILL’. This sets the mood for subsequent soothing pop tracks ‘COMPLETE’ and ‘LOYAL’. On the next track, Ebisanserenades with stringed instruments on ‘HEAL’ which leaves a feeling of spiritual elevation we’ve all experienced at some point. The next song ‘OUT OF THIS MADNESS’ is a plot-driven ballad with a dramatic storyline

Mostly known for her impeccable work as an independent artist, Ebisan’s songs and music videos have been broadcast on various radio and television stations inside and outside Africa. Her previous released single, Jowo won the NigerianMusic Video Award for the Best Soft Rock/Alternative Music Video. Ebisan inspires with her musical blend of pop, soul, and other genres reminiscent of many eras. FOR LOVE, FOR FREEDOM addresses real-life scenarios most can identify with, while giving listeners a beautiful musical experience.

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