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Detty December Recovery Tips

Photo Credit: Sundays at Ilashe

Given the massive stress and burn out that came with 2021, there was only one thought on everyone’s mind when December was around the corner and that was to “detty” ourselves. The month was cramped back-to-back with concerts, parties, beach outings and various other events, making it practically impossible for anyone to catch a break before the next motive. The Christmas days and public holidays offered a bit of a downtime from all the chaos and gave some a chance to relax, travel back home and spend some quality time with family but this wasn’t the case for everyone. If you fall within that category of people who turned up like their lives depended on it and even fell sick or “caught something” during the Detty December, here are a few tips to help you recover and prepare for the new year:

  • Recharge – For many, this break was for them to enjoy their lives, consume as much alcohol as possible and turn up with friends. While this is a nice way to balance out a very difficult and stressful year, the body is not built to be an active party machine 24/7. A good way to recover from the December madness is to give your body what it’s needed the most all 2021 – Rest. Take a few days to do nothing other than sleep, eat and do an activity that makes you feel relaxed like reading a book or watching a movie/series or playing video games.
  • Indulge your inner child – Indulging your inner child is one of the known ways to live a happier life as an adult, simply because as children we enjoyed the simple comforts of life – a good movie, seeing our friends, exploring nature, eating a bowl of your favourite ice cream. Bringing back happy nostalgic feelings will lift your mood and restore a sense of contentment with your present situation.
  • Reflect & Practice Gratitude – Take a few days to reflect on the things you are grateful for in life – from the big to the little things (life, food, opportunity). It could also be helpful to keep a gratitude journal as this could help you be more intentional about gratitude. 
  • Plan for the new year – Write out your major goals for the year in major categories (relationships, finance, career, fitness, etc) and create timelines to help you track your progress in each goal across the year. Alternatively, some may find it easier planning for the year in phases (First Quarter, Quarter 2, etc) especially in consideration of our present world (changing regulation,  COVID).
  • Move – If you find yourself feeling weak, physically drained and uninspired, it might be a good idea to get your body moving. The endorphins will help improve your mood and energy levels, making it easier for you to resume the new year’s work with a positive and productive mindset. Furthermore, putting your body through endurance and strength training exercises can help fuel the energy needed to build the mental discipline for 2022. 

These are just a few easy-to-implement tips that will aid with recovering from the crazy December of 2021. We at Bombshelter are wishing you a wonderful new year filled with amazing possibilities, success, peace & prosperity. Happy New Year!

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