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Champions Just Got Tunes To Step To

When the song “ stand up for the champion” was sang, it definitely was a testament to this magnificent body of work.

The debut album of renowned, established and uncontrollable leg-stepping producer Rexxie is finally out. Clubs and parties just got seventeen songs to get the crowd grooving and losing all home training. The lineup on this project can only be achieved by an undistinguished champion. It’s the work of a producer that knows his worth. He made a precise conscious choice by associating with minds that are on par with his irresistible beats and refreshing but distinguished production skills.

From the first track, I can already see listeners stepping hard in sporadic or Rhythmic fashion depending on the respective listener. Every track provides a distinct ambiance for your ears but always ends with some head bumping, hand gestures then eventually leg stepping. It’s the album we’ve been waiting for to get our energy on a hundred and Rexxie delivered.

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