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CASH MADAM (Lady Donli) Returns

I can remember the first time I watched Lady Donli’s video, I couldn’t help but think maybe old-school Nollywood really was goals cause the aesthetics, costumes and entire choreography spoke to my mind and entire existence as a Nigerian. I definitely became a fan after this and followed up on her music closely.

From your teenage years to your 20’s and entire adulthood, finding yourself is a pretty big deal and love, with its up and downs, can be a really integral factor in this. Searching talks about self-discovery from the artist’s perspective. This single ignite the late at night, deep in one’s thought feels with an instrumental that almost makes you want to lose yourself but the melodies and words draw you back to listen. It’s an epitome of self-discovery put out in Cash Madam’s unique fashion for her listeners and anyone that bothers to try out her music.

If you’re on this search to find yourself amongst all the noise then you definitely need to give this a listen. As for me and my ears, we’d be putting this on repeat to drown out the noise.

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