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BRYMO; Still the Son of a Carpenter

Veteran singer, songwriter, and vocalist ‘Brymo’ is a Nigerian legend. He has been active and delivering masterpieces since the mid-2000s. Most listeners became conscious of his talent during his chocolate city days. A decent part of the Nigerian populace all got hooked on his joint projects like Oleku and Action film. Last year Brymo proved his range and class by delivering his seventh studio album titled YELLOW.

Yellow is a project flawlessly executed to cover a range of emotions, stories, feels and desires. It’s literally a combination of a wide range of sounds, melodies and lyrics mixed perfectly and delivered in one defining package. “Heartbreak songs are better in English” is a song that makes everything stand still for a split second and transports you beyond your normal constraints. It features the artist’s soothing vocals, enhanced by spine-shattering lyrics and delivery of a legend. It delivers the message of the artist to its listeners in the ideal form. I wonder if heartbreak songs are better in Spanish or maybe Yoruba.

Ozymandias, ozymandias. History definitely wouldn’t forget this song. The listeners will forever sing along whenever this comes on. This is almost like a country song but with this Brymo originality and uniqueness. It’s like an anthem of the project. Its message is direct and completely captivating. Rara Rira came from Brymo’s words but it’s our song. It’s uplifting right from the first listen, it’s that record that ignites your best possible side. It’s basically a conversation between listener and artist. I’m a black man and listening to “Black Man Black Woman” puts me in a tranquil region of existence. It speaks to the soul and lightens the load on my shoulders. The content of this single stands out and is one for every black being.

Over the years, Brymo’s sound has transcended due to different reasons and some old listeners have moved on from it but this new sound has definitely opened a new gate to a different market. The growth and reach of the artist have exceeded Nigeria and Africa. This last project is clear proof of the legend.

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