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Are You All In? (BBK Huncho ‘SKEPTA’ delivers new EP with surprise features)

Renowned multi-award winning rapper, producer, singer and songwriter Skepta, most definitely went all in with this project. He put out a five-track project with their respective stories in a progressive succession. 

Each track denotes its own tale, you go from listening to nodding your head then stomping in a matter of minutes. Bellator and Peace of mind captivate your ears and undivided attention unintentionally till you find yourself invested with each line as the beat goes. The other songs deliver a sensation in your limbs and you actually almost forget it’s rap for a while. JAE5 definitely knows how to cure paralysis with these beats of his cause who can possibly withstand the urge to groove to such eloquent limb piercing tunes. 

I can’t wait to hear Lit Like This in a club especially when I’m lit. But if you haven’t tuned up to this you should, so you could feel lit again. 

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