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AJEBO HUSTLERS: Positive Vibrations, Awareness, and Originality.

The pandemic was a pretty daring time in the lives of everyone but like every other daring time, it came with some blessings in disguise. Discovering AJEBO HUSTLERS was one of those blessings for me and a few listeners. The patent pair have owned their own style of dominance on Afro-beat and do not relent in domination across every single or project they put out.

Their debut album is a testament to positive vibrations, awareness, and originality. The strings on Bus Stop hit my inner being on cellular levels with a chorus that reverberates in your ears unconventionally. Listen close when you hear this, maybe this is your Afro-beat bus stop. Symbiosis has to be my all-time favorite, it featured the euphoniously vocal Nissi which served as the perfect cohesion to make the track a delight to listen to every time. Drums have never sounded better like they do on Barawo. Once again, the duo puts you on the reality of the populace whilst calling out corruption, injustice, insecurity, and lots more. The lyricism, flow, and energy on this make it relatable and unforgettable. The other tracks on this project incite different responses to each listener but they all stand out and they all deserve a listen.

They say when you like someone or something, you tend to exaggerate its value. That might be the case with this project but the only way to know is for you to run it up and listen.

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