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16 Minutes of Purgatory

Music lovers and listeners often describe their relation with music to be beyond planetary limitations and earthly constraints. It’s usually this overload injection of emotions, feels, and vibes that penetrate deep down into one’s soul and spirit. Terms like “oh, it’s spiritual” or literally naming a genre in music Rnb soul is further proof of this. Listening to Jacob Lee’s Sine Quan Non-Ep is an ideal example of why terms like these were made up.

The first song Ghost is a medium for one’s soul and mind to dream. The beat seems subtle though the melody captivates your entire being and the true beauty is in the lyrics. The words were poetic without a fault. This amazing producer I know always says “Strings are literally a cheat in beat making” and Chariot is the song to prove that. The beat already sucks you in, before being engrossed by vocals that build up from scratch until you attain maximum ecstasy in your ears. It’s just one of those songs you can’t get tired of. Slip and Heartstrings also delivered a different spectrum of sensation and they completed the project making it an unforgettable sixteen minutes of pure bliss.

Sine Qua Non means a necessary condition and after rinsing this, I definitely deem this EP a necessary listen.

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