Company profile

Bombshelter Entertainment is the largest independent digital content aggregator in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing local and international repertoire to a wide network of mobile & web music services in West Africa, East Africa, South Africa and worldwide (full tracks, ring back tones, videos and streaming subscription). We are a one-stop digital distribution service provider.
We have licensing agreements with major record companies, music aggregator and independent labels (local and international) as well as major publishers and publishing associations accounting over 18 million tracks.


Automated Content Management
At your convenience content delivery can be automated using Apollo, our content management portal.
Bombshelter has built a self-service content management portal for artistes.
This web based solution enables artistes accomplish the following:

  1. Upload content to Bombshelter Entertainment from anywhere at their own convenience
  2. Upload and edit contract documents, addendums  etc
  3. Track play streams and download numbers across our distribution channels
  4. Access payment reports and invoices

When you license your content to Bombshelter Entertainment you choose in which channels you want to distribute. Our contracts are non-exclusive so you still can position your music with other partners.


Distribution tailored to your needs

You select the music services you want, we deliver.


Copyright protection

Our team provides copyright clearance and payments of your content to publishers.


Accurate payment reports

We provide consolidated reports and scheduled payments of your sales.


Our Media Catalog

You are in good company. Check out our A-List artistes

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